Imagine this tight rope walker: he has his staff for balance. As he takes each step, he makes miniscule adjustments in his grip to keep the weight equal on either side, so as to not plummet to a rocky death below. The stick must be long enough to provide him with balance, but short enough that it doesn’t pull him too far away from center. As he walks across the tight rope, he must be sure  to make small adjustments, careful to not put too much weight to one side, forcing himself to over-correct in the opposite direction.

Today I feel overwhelmingly like a tight rope walker. I am performing a delicate balancing act of working full time, going to school, traveling to and from Salt Lake, volunteer teaching, playing soccer, being a good girlfriend, a good dog owner and a good friend. As I scamper across the tight rope that is my life, I have started to collect tasks which are adding length to my staff (and my day!). Today I added my student teaching–volunteer teaching for the staff and students at Renton Academy. Although I am excited and grateful for the opportunity, I can’t help but feel that it adds length to my staff, drawing me away from center–drawing me off balance. I am fearful that there will come a time when this horizontal representation of my to-do list gets too long and knocks me off the rope.

So what is a girl to do to spin these plates? What better way to bring me back into balance that to come back to my discipline? I am planning my first classes for the staff and students and I think this may just be my theme: balance. Tree Pose, Warrior III, Half Moon, Crow and Eagle. Each pose in its own way requires us to adjust our bodies to maintain balance. Oftentimes, whether in a pose or walking the tight rope of life, it is uncomfortable and we may shake; we may, in fact, fall over. But we touch a hand to the ground and come back to the pose. I’m sure there will be times when I falter in my busy schedule, getting overwhelmed or frustrated. But I am committing to acknowledging that, and then coming back to my mat, back to the pose, back to the tight rope. And ultimately, I commit to the mantra that this too shall pass. It always does.


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  1. if anyone can balance all of these roles/life callings/obligations, it’s you. you’re the closest thing to superwoman i know, and will ever know. sending you love and strength!!

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