Shut the f*@% up Day

Today is dedicated to two things:

1. Shuting up
2. Not giving a rat’s ass.

Sounds very yogic, doesn’t it? But in a sense I hope that it will be.

First, I have two voices. Not in a multiple personality type way, but there’s the voice that I use to talk to others and then there’s the voice that I use to talk to myself. Don’t judge; you do it too. We all do. In Sanskrit it’s called “citta” which translates to “conditioned consciousness”. I like to think of it as mind chatter.

My message for both voices today: shut the fuck up.

I have a tendency to say a lot without actually saying much. It comes from this deep-seated desire to be the most awesome…I want to be noticed and recognized. I want to be funny or liked or thoughtful and so I start talking. It’s like word vomit! So today I’m committing to shutting my pie hole and just listen-to others and to my body.

More often than not, both of those voices take away from the experience that I’m in. We can use this as an example and as a nice segue. Here I am chattering on in this blog (in class) while I should be listening. If I look at the last 2 minutes of class, I couldn’t tell you anything that was said. Me wanting to explain this characteristic in the most descriptive way is getting in the way of my experience in class.

And ultimately, who the fuck cares? You reading this aren’t entirely interested in why I babble on. You may be noticing it right now, but quite frankly, you don’t really care. And that’s ok. Its actually a good reminder for me that at the end of the day, if you’ve actually made it this far, you wanted to.

So now I should quit babbling and silence that inner voice as well and listen about Structural Integration.


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