On The Precipice

I have bounced off the walls of different passions in different places for most of my young life, finding moderate success along the way, but rarely feeling like I had found what I wanted to be when I grow up. After deciding that I don’t ever want to grow up, I have found myself at the intersection of my five life passions.

Athletics have always been a part of my life, taking me from Salt Lake City to Spokane, WA at Gonzaga University, where I played soccer and studied psychology–specifically positive psychology. I spent four years fascinated not so much by the medical model of the brain, but the more esoteric ways in which “normal people” exist in the space above a “healthy mind”. After college, I felt an undeniable desire to travel. This manifested itself in a trip to Cuzco, Perú, where I spent 5 1/2 months working at The Aldea Yanapay and starting something from the ground-up— a soccer program for the boys in the after school program. Finally,  I arrived in Seattle, my 5th city in 5 years, where I pursued teaching kids with Emotional/Behavior Disorders (EBD) in attempts to better my community.

Although, that career path didn’t work out, it helped me find my way to this intersection, standing on the precipice of something exciting and new. I’m approaching this adventure with a recipe comprised of one part grace, one part patience, one part dedication and a healthy dose of humor.

I intend to use this blog as a means of documenting this adventure, as fulfilling and challenging as it will be. In addition, I hope for it to be a place to come back to–both for me and for readers–to be reminded of the small, beautiful, giggle-worthy moments that life gives us, yoga related or otherwise.



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2 responses to “On The Precipice

  1. Ready, set… LEAP. No fear. This is good.

  2. looking forward to reading all about your journey! so proud of you.

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